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Legal Defence Against Yukos Oligarchs

This is the website of the International Centre for Legal Protection (ICLP), set up by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Justice to fight claims from the former Yukos owners (Yukos oligarchs), and stop them extracting money from the Russian taxpayer. This website aims to provide a balanced view on the dispute between the Russian Federation and former Yukos owners.

Fiction vs Fact

We provide information on those involved and challenge fiction about Yukos which has become seen as fact.


Taxation and responsibility

Taxes are the price that civilised communities pay to remain civilised.  Like any government, Russia will resist attempts to extract money from its taxpayers.


Yukos Charge Sheet

Courts heard how the Yukos oligarchs corrupted public officials, destroyed evidence, committed murder, tax evasion and assassination.



15 May 2020

The Russian Federation Submits an Appeal to the Dutch Supreme Court

On 15 May 2020, the Russian Federation submitted to the Dutch Supreme Court (“DSC”) an appeal in cassation against the Judgment of The Hague Court of Appeal (“CoA”) in Yukos proceedings, initiated by its majority shareholders, which directed the Russian Federation to pay US$ 57 billion in compensation for alleged damages.

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18 Feb 2020

The Russian Federation will vigorously appeal the decision of The Hague Court of Appeal to reinstate the Yukos Awards

The Russian Federation will vigorously appeal the decision of The Hague Court of Appeal to reinstate the annulled arbitration awards in favour of the former majority Yukos shareholders, which had held the Russian Federation liable for US$50 billion in damages plus interest.

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14 Feb 2020

Yukos Awards in a Nutshell

Yukos Awards have nothing to do with the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). It is a Russian tax dispute between Russian nationals and the Russian Federation concerning Russian tax assessments against a Russian company (Yukos Oil) that the Russian Oligarchs owned and controlled. If the Yukos Awards would be valid and enforceable, the integrity and credibility […]

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About this Site

This ICLP site provides the information needed to understand the Yukos case in detail. It contains original court documents as well as first-hand accounts of how Yukos was managed, given by senior managers who worked in Yukos at the time. 

It therefore reveals the facts behind the false evidence put forward by the Yukos oligarchs.


Court Actions

Read about the case, other claims and the Hague arbitration

In the arbitration the oligarchs claimed that Yukos was misappropriated by Russia in a politically motivated move. Russia believes the oligarchs illegally took control of Yukos through rigged auctions and corruption, then evaded billions in tax. Yukos failed when it didn’t pay the tax it owed.

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Case Highlights

Find out more about key case developments.
Witness Statements

8 Aug 2016

Gololobov witness statement

Mr. Gololobov served as Yukos Deputy General Counsel and was a member of the Oligarchs’ inner circle from 1995 to 2004. He is the first key Yukos insider to come forward to speak in specific detail about the billion-dollar bribery scheme run by the Yukos oligarchs.

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Court Documents

29 Mar 2016

Share Transfer Diagram

An interesting diagram portraying the way in which the Oligarchs transferred their shares in a number of complicated stages ultimately hiding their ownership.

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Witness Statements

20 Oct 2015

Anilionis witness statement

Gitas Anilionis began working for Mr. Lebedev as an assistant on 1990 and moved through the ranks within a joint venture called SP Russian Trust and Trade (RTT). He describes how RTT was instructed to execute a series of transactions transferring ownership or Yukos to offshore companies.

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